2020 Virtual Music Lineup

The economic impact of COVID-19 is huge – and among those feeling it are local musicians who rely on playing live to earn a living. Many local musicians have seen shows and even whole tours cancelled, meaning a significant loss of revenue.

You can support musicians by discovering, sharing and purchasing their music! Once you’ve bought music or merchandise, let us know by commenting on our Facebook or Twitter post for those bands. For each purchase made from an Art on the Waterfront band, tic will match this amount with a donation to House of Lazarus! #ShowYourSupport


Main Street Revival Main Street Revival Band


Doug Wallace – vocals, guitars
Alan Charlton – vocals, guitars
Erik Hertzberg – vocals, keys
Mark Sudiacal – bass
Matt Aston – drums

“Night Rider”


Main Street Revival is a Roots-Rock band with a rounded and diverse sound that relies on melodic hooks with instrumentation and brass. Their lyrical influences are deeply rooted in storytelling and weave in surrealistic imagery with specific messaging. Their music and art are reflective of the highways, back roads and working towns across the country. Formed in 2018, Main Street Revival is the culmination of three veteran songwriters: Alan Charlton, Doug Wallace & Erik Hertzberg. Longtime friends, they grew up with similar influences (The Band, Bruce Springsteen) and continue to share and experience new music (Dr. Dog, Arkells). “Night Rider” came out in February 2019 which kicked off a set of five singles that were released throughout the year culminating in their debut album release in November.


RedFox Five band members


Daphnée Vandal  – Vocals/Violin
Jono Townsend – Guitar
Tim Loten -Banjo
Samuel Neumann – Drums
Sam Robinson – Bass




What happens when a talented folk duo from Ontario invite a classically trained violinist/front woman, and a rock influenced rhythm section to play music together? RedFox is a five piece indie-folk band based in Montreal, Quebec. When the trio of Daphnee Vandal, Jono Townsend, and Tim Loten first met in September of 2017 they rehearsed as an acoustic folk and bluegrass band. After months of honing their sound, and the addition of hard rock drummer Sam Neumann as well as bassist Sam Robinson, their sound has been transformed into the epic high energy indie experience that it is. An ensemble lead by Daphnee Vandal’s dynamic voice backed by bass, drums, guitar, fiddle, and banjo, RedFox retains their acoustic roots origins, while exploring more electric sounds. The group can trace their influences back to bands such as Punch Brothers, Mumford & Sons and Paramore.


Outside I’m a Giant Outside I'm a Giant Band


Jeremi Caron
Samuelle Desjardins
Pascal Desgagne
Gabriel Bouchard


“Unlit Room”


Floating down the hills from Quebec’s upper Gatineau, the haunting ethereal sounds of Outside I’m a Giant carry poetic homage to Leonard Cohen along with the unconventional structure and “art first” honesty of Gordon Lightfoot’s music.

Jérémi Pierre Caron, the songwriter of this touring ambient folk band, drew inspiration from his family’s much-loved river hideaway for many of the songs released in their acclaimed 2017 debut album, Point Comfort. Combining acoustic guitar, pedal steel, violin, mandolin, clarinet and harmonica, this four-piece band creates atmospheric, richly layered songs from the heart and hearth that deliver you gently to a calm and peaceful place. Lingering contemplation of nature and human nature is in abundance here.

Cee Lawrence Cee Lawrence


Cee Lawerence – vocals and guitar
David Cutler – guitar
Vinny Langlois – bass
Jasen Colson – keys
Chris Buttera – drums

“All You Do is Trouble”


Big voice. Big smile. Funny country songs. Cee Lawrence is a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. A former rock ’n’ roll frontwoman, Cee returns to her country roots with her first solo project. Inspired by Loretta Lynn,  Miranda Lambert, and Kathleen Edwards, Cee is a playful storyteller who writes funny songs about her life.

Paragon Cause Paragon Cause band


KIrwan Opthof- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Production
Marnie VanKheul – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizers, percussion, Production



“Drop Me In”


Paragon Cause is an indie-electronica band based in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, with a penchant for making music that is enigmatic, darkly mysterious, but also wondrously compelling.

Bringing together a lush electronic, almost industrial sound with indie vocals and strong melodic compositional sensibilities, Paragon Cause has crafted a collection of songs that are infused with the lo-fi intensity and rawness of a garage band, embellished with superior vocal and musical hooks that pull the listener in to each one of the band’s compositions.

Slo’ Tom & the Handsome Devils Slo' Tom and the Handsome Devils band


Slo’ Tom – acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jon ‘Killer’ Kiely – drums, backing vocals
Rob ‘Chops’ Snazdell-Taylor – bass
JJ Higgs – electric guitar, lap steel, backing vocals




“One Way Street”


Slo’ Tom is a Canadian songwriter best known as one third of seminal punk/alt-rock band FURNACEFACE.   He has spent the last decade perfecting his rollicking country outfit Slo’ Tom & the Handsome Devils.  Tom’s second album “Musta been a Pretty Good Night” was released in October 2012 and his third album “I’m Sick” was released October 2013.  The band’s their third album “Down in a Government Town” was release in October 2016.  This new record features live favourites such as “One Way Street”, “Family in the Mansion on Parliament Hill”,  “It’s a Condo Now!” and the title track “Down in a Government Town”.

Together, Slo’ Tom and the Handsome Devils are creating music that combines traditional country arrangements with a dash of Canadiana (think Stompin’ Tom and Gordon Lightfoot) and a endearing sense of humour.