2024 Music Line-Up

Saturday, June 1. 2024


The Barrow Gang Buskers The Barrow Gang Buskers

12:00 – 12:45 PM


Eunice – Fiddle
Buddy – Standup bass
Clyde – Guitar, lead vocals
Chuck – On the box
Baby – Tamborine, back up vocals
Blanche – shakers, back up vocals

We play our music wherever it takes us and wherever you are! Just us and our instruments.


Evil Creek Evil Creek band photo

1:30 – 2:15 PM


Mark Garrod – Lead vocals, guitars
Cliff Chamberlain – Lead guitar, vocals
Johnny McConnell – Keyboards, mandolin, percussion, vocals
Rus Miller – Bass guitar
Steve Thompson – Drums, percussion



Like a Ghost

Voted Music Group of the Year for the second year in a row in the 2023 Ottawa Awards, Evil Creek is a rock band that forges music honouring multiple musical traditions and appealing to a wide audience. ​​​​​

With a heavy groove behind energetic acoustic guitar riffs and eerie melodic vocals, Evil Creek’s unique high-energy sound leaves audiences in awe. Formed in 2017, the band unites a group of accomplished musicians who capture the power and authenticity of unplugged musical performances honed through years of road work and playing live. ​


The Atomic Tempunauts The Automic Tempunauts

3:00 – 3:45 PM


Dr. Buck Naked – Guitar
Les Finesse – Guitar
Scotty P (esq). – Bass
Bob MacAbre – Drums




A Maze of Death

The Atomic Tempunauts play, as per the classic definition of ‘Surf’, instrumental, guitar-driven rock and roll … but are not beholden to any strict definition – the influences of funk, punk, rockabilly and jazz are palpable.


C.A. & Sonny C.A. and Sonny

4:30 – 5:15 PM


C.A. Jackson
Sonny Aiken



Lord’s Got Tomatoes

Sonny Aiken is a cowboy and a clown. Just as entertaining off-stage as on, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better yodeller in all of Ottawa. Having completed a world tour with Cirque Eloize in the cowboy-musical ‘Saloon’, Aiken is back in Ottawa reestablishing roots. Nearly always performing as one half of a duo, Aiken has released music with The Noisy Locomotive, Aiken & Beggs, The Aiken Brothers, and most recently, he released his seminal solo album, Lost, Lonesome Cowboy in 2020. After more than a decade of touring and performing across Canada, Aiken’s latest venture is as one half of C.A. and Sonny.

Hailing from New Brunswick, C.A. Jackson has now firmly planted his feet in the Ottawa area. Although he has spent time performing in bands and other ensembles, Jackson has spent countless hours honing his craft. After a fateful year-long pilgrimage to Charlottetown where he spent his secluded days, nourished by his guitar alone, he has ventured back to society to accompany Aiken with his resolute harmonies and relentless finger-picking.


RedFox RedFox band

6:00 – 6:45 PM


Daphnée Vandal  – Vocals/Violin
Jono Townsend – Guitar
Tim Loten – Banjo
Samuel Neumann – Drums
Sam Robinson – Bass


What happens when a talented folk duo from Ontario invite a classically trained violinist/front woman, and a rock influenced rhythm section to play music together? RedFox is a five piece indie-folk band based in Montreal, Quebec. When the trio of Daphnee Vandal, Jono Townsend, and Tim Loten first met in September of 2017 they rehearsed as an acoustic folk and bluegrass band. After months of honing their sound, and the addition of hard rock drummer Sam Neumann as well as bassist Sam Robinson, their sound has been transformed into the epic high energy indie experience that it is. An ensemble lead by Daphnée Vandal’s dynamic voice backed by bass, drums, guitar, fiddle, and banjo, RedFox retains their acoustic roots origins, while exploring more electric sounds. The group can trace their influences back to bands such as Punch Brothers, Mumford & Sons and Paramore.


Sunday, June 2, 2024


Mainstreet Revival Mainstreet Revival band

12:30 – 1:15 PM


Doug Wallace – Vocals, guitars
Alan Charlton – Vocals, guitars
Erik Hertzberg – Vocals, keys
Mark Sudiacal – Bass
Sean Tansey – Drums
Mike Lett – Saxophone

Night Rider

Main Street Revival are quickly becoming one of Ottawa’s more notable rock ‘n’ roll acts, captivating audiences with a soul-stirring blend of classic 70s, indie and Americana influences. Their expanding catalog of music showcases a fellowship of songwriters building new stories onto tried and tested foundations, all while keeping lyrical focus on friendship and brotherhood. They’ve sold out local venues and opened for legendary Canadian acts such as: I Mother Earth, Sue Foley, David Wilcox and most recently April Wine in October 2023.

‘What I’ve heard so far really showcases the band’s dynamic sound and wide appeal!  If you’re a fan of Nathaniel Rateliff, Tom Petty, or having a bevvy by the campfire, you’ll love these guys!’
– Noah Sabourin, Music Director, Live 88.5 Ottawa’s Alternative Rock


Big Train Wreck Big Train Wreck band

2:00 – 2:45 PM


John Cormier –  Vocals and guitar
Gary Schertzer – Vocals, harmonica, and percussion
KJ Thomas – Vocals and ukulele
Donna Chiarelli – Bass



The Big Train Wreck is the Roots-Music love child of four folks from Ottawa Ontario. “Roots music” is code for “no drummer”. So this band works even harder to inspire foot stomping and hand clapping along to every folk, traditional country, blues, and quirky modern acoustic cover played. Favourites you know from Johnny Cash, Elvis, John Prine and the Stones; plus originals in lock step with that feeling. The Big Train Wreck plays the best vibing music venues in Ottawa and surrounding area– leaving happy crowds wherever they hit the stage.


Al Wood and the Woodsmen Al Wood and the Woodsmen band

3:30 – 4:15 PM


Al Wood – Guitar, vocals and harmonica
Laura Greenberg – Bass
Dave Tetmar – Drums


Right on Cue

Al Wood is a multi-talented performer and songwriter with a deep reverence for the blues and traditionally based roots music.

As a virtuoso harmonica player, talented guitar stylist with a golden throated voice spanning a career over 20 years, Al Wood’s artistry and musicianship are starkly revealed.

Wood’s versatility delivers a personal flare by capturing the Chicago style blues traditions and merging a journey of hard core real country, melodic jazz with a diverse array of other influences.

Al Wood and the Woodsmen are a double barreled harmonica-driven blues band. The Sound meshes an obvious respect and love for the blues with fresh thematic spins that unify audiences without losing the edge.


Slo’ Tom & The Handsome Devils Slo' Tom and The Handsome Devils Band

5:00 – 5:45 PM


Slo’ Tom – Acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jon ‘Killer’ Kiely – Drums, backing vocals
Rob ‘Chops’ Snazdell-Taylor – Bass
JJ Higgs – Electric guitar, lap steel, backing vocals


Down in a Government Town

Slo’ Tom is a Canadian songwriter best known as one third of seminal punk/alt-rock band FURNACEFACE. He has spent the last decade perfecting his rollicking country outfit Slo’ Tom & the Handsome Devils.  Tom’s second album “Musta been a Pretty Good Night” was released in October 2012 and his third album “I’m Sick” was released October 2013. The band’s their third album “Down in a Government Town” was release in October 2016. This new record features live favourites such as “One Way Street”, “Family in the Mansion on Parliament Hill”,  “It’s a Condo Now!” and the title track “Down in a Government Town”.

Together, Slo’ Tom and the Handsome Devils are creating music that combines traditional country arrangements with a dash of Canadiana (think Stompin’ Tom and Gordon Lightfoot) and a endearing sense of humour.