Oleksandra Laskina

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Oleksandra Laskina

I am a professional artist from Ukraine. I currently reside in Chesterville with my family. I have been drawing since childhood. I graduated from the Children’s Art School, studied at the College of Culture at the Faculty of Art and Decoration. I have received a master’s degree in art at the Zaporozhye National University at the Faculty of Design. I am the chairman of the public organization “Free Artist” in Ukraine. I participated in many international and Ukrainian art exhibitions. In 2017, I took part in the international exhibition “Breath of Spring”, organized by the international organization “Art without Borders”. In 2020 I had a personal exhibition called “Workshop of Color” that was held in Kyiv at the ARTEGO Gallery. In June 2021, I participated in the international exhibition “We Contemporary” in Vienna. More than 100 artists from all over the world took part in the exhibition. Recently I became a member of the Arteast Ottawa organization.

My workshop is the world around me. Everything that happens in nature I transfer to the canvas. I want the color and light in my paintings to bring joy and aesthetic pleasure. My works are filled with positive energy and the emphasis in them is the radiance of color. The color composition that I use in my paintings warms the soul and fills with warmth and kindness. My main, and only goal in the art of painting is always beauty, an aesthetic impact on the viewer and the charm of colors and form. Painting, like music, like a poet’s verse, should always arouse happiness in the viewer. The artist gives the viewer only the beautiful.

My favorite style of painting is impressionism. It is all permeated with light and movement, it is unique and attractive. I can spend hours looking at the paintings of the Impressionists and studying information about their work and life. My favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh and his passion for painting inspires me. I am glad that now in Canada I have friends who are artists who love impressionism and we paint in nature on weekends.

If painting is transformed into a positive energy for our mind, then our creativity brings us joy and peace of mind. I really want this spring exhibition of paintings to leave a pleasant impression. I am sure that art makes us happy.

Now my beautiful country is at war. I express my deep gratitude to Canada- to the government, the people, all of those who have shown kindness to the victims of Russia’s military aggression against peaceful Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is a gorgeous country with many talented people. I want the whole world to know our art.


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May 20, 2022