Laska Paints

My name is Oleksandra Laskina of Laska Paints. I am a professional artist from Ukraine. I have received a master’s degree in art at the Zaporozhye National University at the Faculty of Design. I participated in many international and Ukrainian art exhibitions. In 2020 I had a personal exhibition called “Workshop of Color” that was held in Kyiv at the ARTEGO Gallery. In June 2021, I participated in the international exhibition “We Contemporary” in Vienna.

In my opinion, the goal of art is always beauty, the magic of colors and shapes, and to have an aesthetic impact on the viewer. My artwork is filled with positive energy and with an emphasis on light. It is no coincidence that my favorite style of painting is impressionism. It is all permeated with light, movement, and is alluring.

Now my beautiful country is at war. Thank you to everyone who is helping Ukraine and who have already helped Ukraine. It is a gorgeous country with many talented people. I want the whole world to know our art.

Painting of flowers in vase Painting of flowers Painting of red flowers



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May 20, 2022