Nowdem Works

Giraffe painting on wood

We began our business in 2020 to give the community of Ottawa access to beautiful, handmade items for unique, custom gifts. We are a small, home shop that specializes in Band saw boxes with a twist. Our objective is to give you a keepsake that is personal and beautiful. These fine, hand crafted boxes come in a range of sizes. For example, the smallest box could be used for an engagement ring. While the larger size can store a number of different personal items.

Your custom handcrafted box will be made from eastern white cedar that is cultivated on our property. You can choose a pattern from our selections and then work with us to pick colours to make it a one of a kind gift. The custom ordered box can take up to 3 weeks to complete (on a first come first serve basis) or you can choose from our selection of pre-made boxes.  

We take pride in our craftsmanship and we are sure you’ll be pleased with your unique purchase. You can see more on our website or on Facebook.

Thank you for putting your trust in NoWDeM Works. We appreciate your support of our local craft.


Painted owl on wood case   Carved flowers in wood   Carved box with green clover



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March 21, 2022