Nancy Chapman & Peggy Smith

Book by Nancy Chapman

We’ve both been knitting since we were about six and that was (many) years ago. In the intervening years we have added many needlework skills to our repertoire including sewing, crocheting, embroidery, needlepoint and rug hooking.

Peggy recently decided she would like to specialize in adorable stuffed animals which have been popular with both children and adults.

As an excuse to play with dolls, Nancy decided doll clothes were the way to go. Baby clothes have also been added to the inventory.

In 2018 Nancy fulfilled a long standing goal and her first book was published. It was followed by a second and more are in the works.

Peggy lives in Ottawa, Nancy lives in Chesterville, so we have Eastern Ontario well looked after.

You can see more of their work on Facebook at Never Idle Hands Needlework, Nancy Chapman Author, and Pegletpals.

Stuffed zebra   Purple knitted doll clothes   Doll in purple knitted outfit



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March 22, 2022