George Laidlaw Books

George Laidlaw Books

George Laidlaw was born in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital and is married with two children Michael and Meghan. He has been writing ever since he told bed time stories to his children and received the plaintive cry, ‘Dad tell us another story.’ After working for the Canadian government as a biologist, for over 30 years, his hopes are to pursue his writing career in retirement and craft stories that draws in the reader and leave them with a finely crafted action-filled romance adventure, and an overall appraisal from the reader with a comment ‘it was a good read.

Collecting G. A. Henty books, the respected British author of adventure books for children  (1832-1902) may be the reason George Laidlaw’s stories are filled with historic facts and intriguing mysteries.

“A story is a chance to borrow a moment of someone’s time and in doing so the author owes it to the reader to give him or her a chance to feel the beauty of words and uncover a story worth reading.”

A long-time member and current President of Ottawa Independent Writers association and avid historian, his world-wide assignments, travel, research and intense relationships bring an authentic, hard-pressed contemporary air to his remarkable output.

Laidlaw’s publications include stories in children’s magazines and adult novels. His interests include biology, geology, paleontology and the history of man. Interwoven with the fast-paced skills of a natural storyteller are threads tying action, emotion and intellect in a close-knit loom of international suspense.

Mystery and surprisingly constant romances draw the most discriminating reader into Laidlaw’s inexorable whirlpools. Life on the hard edge … today.