Amanda 2020 – Artist

Photo of Amanda Burger

Amanda 2020 is a Canadian Artist. Originally from Quebec, Amanda 2020 resides in Eastern Ontario on a 44 acre farm with the love of her life and their rescued animals (2 horses, a kind and gentle dog and their very handsome cat).

She is a self taught artist whose foundation work is acrylic pouring/fluid art . Her work is impressionistic / expressionistic landscapes, seascapes and figures. Amanda “paints with the universe” given that acrylic pouring is an imprecise technique, due to the fluid nature of the method. For the most part, all Amanda does is pick the colours to be used and the universe does the rest, she only highlights what the universe created.

All of Amanda 2020 – Artist’s work is done by pouring paint onto the canvas, moving the canvas around to spread the paint then she uses blocks of wood to move the paint, sticks to etch through the paint and straws to blow the paint and paper towels to drag the paint. Rarely does she use a paint brush. Through these techniques Amanda2020’s work is both simple and intricate.


Acrylic painting on mounted board   The Protest acrylic on stretched canvas   Twirl acrylic on stretched canvas



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March 23, 2022